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Wereda (District) Disaster Risk Profile (WDRP) is a comprehensive disaster risk assessment programme led by the Government of Ethiopia with technical and financial support by development partners. Ethiopia has 9 Regional states and 2 City Administrations. In these 11 Regional governments and city administrations, there are about 825 Weredas. As of today, 338 Weredas have been covered by the Wereda Disaster Risk Profile (WDRP) study.
WDRP Data Collection and DRR Planning Progress

    Done Remaining  
Reporting Level Data Collection --- ---  
Regional Profile Development --- ---  
Zonal DRR Planning --- ---  
Hence, WDRP information not only allows you to investigate the hazard, vulnerability, and coping capacity of communities, but also helps planning and programming various developmental interventions, conduct research studies using WDRP information as a baseline, access more advanced analytical information, etc.
The Wereda Disaster Risk Profile (WDRP) study covers a selected sample of 400 Households, up to 30 Kebeles in Focus Group Discussions (FGD), and Up to 10 Key Informant Interviews (KII) from the Wereda Sector Offices and development partners. All these data collected will be analyzed and triangulated to develop the Wereda Disaster Risk Profile (WDRP) of the given Wereda. The WDRP consists of 116 Indicators in 12 different categories.
Wereda Disaster Risk Profile Indicators Categories
You can also download a How to Use  document in the form of precisely compiled User Manual.  
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